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Education is not a problem. Education is an opportunity. Lyndon B. Johnson

Texas Trivia

Anadarko Creek -- named for the Anadarko Indians, a Caddoan group. Also known as Barnhardt Creek, this stream is in Rusk County.

Famous Texian
Gideon Lincecum

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Texan's Headline News:
April 30, 2005

'Nelson Highway' isn't a hit with GOP

Car trackers drive some to distraction

City Bans Offensive Odor In Libraries

Nuke regulators put Texas on 'heightened oversight'

Justice Department Sues Texas-Based Scooter Store

Threats and insults fly in Texas House

Texas Sues Health Discount Card Companies

Minister wanted in Texas goes free

Texas House approves ban on gay marriage and civil unions

South Texas brush fire scorches 40 acres

Iowa Guard commander: Training in Texas inept

Skin infection often starts from scratch

Former DOE Official Pleads Guilty to Fraud

Area residents to protest Trans-Texas Corridor plan

Texas Senate approves water bill

Proposed Antigay Texas Law is Unconstitutional and
Harmful to Children in Foster Care, Lambda

Senate panel OKs education plan that would give raises to teachers

U. of Texas Renews Interest in Los Alamos

Texas Music 24 Hours


Other World News Today


A Brief History of Freeport

History of Laredo Texas

April 30, 1926
"Brave Bessie" Coleman of Houston died
when her plane failed to come out of a nosedive.
She was the world's first licenced black pilot.

Emily Morgan

Amon G. Carter

Bonnie and Clyde

Texan's Headline News:
April 29, 2005

Texas Republicans reluctantly accept retreat on ethics rules

Texas researchers clone horse

Nelson seeking more success in Texas

Texas man convicted in death of
ex-manager of Grand Funk Railroad

Study finds immigrant and Latino worker deaths increased in Texas

Tons of uranium byproduct waste headed to West Texas
(Now You Know What Bush and Kerry think of Texas!)

Minnesota Has Lowest,
Texas Has Highest
Rate of Uninsured in USA

Asbestos Reform Bill Passes Texas Senate

Ship collision restricts Texas channel

Auto Insurance Verification Bill Passed by Texas Senate

Water Wars
Texas anglers at odds with Mexican officials

April 29, 1856
Thirty-four camels arrived at Indianola as part of an army experiment
to map the desert regions of Texas.
The camels were later set free on the dunes of the Gulf Coast

Texas senate approves needle-exchange bill


Pilot reports laser incident in Texas

Investigators think series of explosions shook refinery

Auto Giant Taps Texas to Build Hispanic Interest

Farmers may continue suit over weed killer by Dow unit

Texas Guard Soldiers Patrol Deadly Grounds

Forest Service Investigating Arson Fires in Southeast Texas

Missing Texas Teenager Focus Of Missing Persons Clearinghouse

Handcuffing students

A Typical Texas Salute to Washington DC and the IRS

Save the Willie Nelson Highway


History in a watersoaked Pecan Shell

Brief History of New Braunfels

Texas Blue Topaz - Texas Gemstone

Topaz History

For the Egyptians topaz was a very powerful amulet against harm, because they believed that topaz was a gemstone colored with the golden glow of the mighty sun god Ra. Topaz The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, who also is the god of the sun. Legend has it that it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight.

The ancient Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. It was said to cure insomnia, asthma, and hemorrhages. During the Middle Ages, the topaz was used mostly by royalty and clergy. A 13th century belief held that a topaz engraved with a falcon helped its wearer cultivate the goodwill of kings, princes and magnates.

Arlington, Texas History

Republic of Texas Exhibition


History of Black Seminoles in Texas


Texan's Headline News:
April 28, 2005

Wild Hogs Mangling Fields in Texas

Elton John performs in Texas

Texas School Board Adds Bible Class

Texas Has Highest Rate Of Uninsured Working Adults

Hundreds of Texas driver's licenses mailed to wrong people

House GOP plans to rescind unpopular ethics rule change

Texas House approves limits on tax revenues third time around

Texas House OKs marriage ballot measure

Against the Grain

KVET Texas Music Series presents Cooder Graw

Violent Gang With Roots In El Salvador Linked To Houston Slayings

Indicted adviser fights bid to curb corporate giving
GOP consultant should reserve commenting on the bill, critic says

Professor learns lesson by skipping juror duty

Texas Senate Approves Insurance Verification Program

Texas Probation Changes

Dogs That Attack Could Be Destroyed Under Texas House Bill

Legalizing Law Enforcement in the South Texas Drug Wars

Two found guilty of deadly smuggling attempt

Texas Senate to vote on bill promoting use of
broadband over power lines

Using software to model death row outcomes

GoldStar files for bankruptcy protection

4 teenagers charged in Santa Fe, Texas hate crime
Noose, swastikas and slurs deface woman's home

Bill would tighten abortion law for minors

DeLay will go; damage could remain

Casteel signs on to support shield law

City Council abolishes liquor license limitations

700 Restaurant Workers Help Out Waianae Health Center

Robbers Targeting North Texas Elderly

Texas Firm Recalls Meat Wrap for Possible Listeria Contamination

Mexico Criticizes U.S. Border Warning

Texas Leads The Way In Executions

April 28, 1894
William Syndey Porter, better known as O. Henry,
published the first issue of his weekly newspaper,
Rolling Stone, in Waco.


History of Hubbard, Texas

Hill County's Past

Texas' Ancient Tidal Wave

The Yellow Stone

Women in Texas Music

It Already Feels Like Home!
Greenville, Texas


Texan's Headline News:
April 27, 2005


Saudi Leader Visits Bush at His Texas Ranch

Texas closer to selling lottery tickets online

Texas Principal's Death Follows Accusation

Texas Sent Most Inmates To Death Row In 2004

Texas family blames CCSO

Texas-Based SBC Earnings Drop Sharply
Company Still Beats Wall Street Estimates

Denali MemCon Moves to Austin, Texas This Week

Florida, Texas Asbestos Bills Progress

Energy bill stirs outrage

Texas Lawmakers Ignoring Amateur Radio Concerns

Texas House To Ban Gay Marriage

Texas' possible wrongful execution

Payday Lenders

Bank Scammers Face Federal Charges

Men are also victims of domestic violence

FBI was dialed in on killer
Had reason to believe wife was still alive

Recalling active participants in 1931 shooting case

TSU gets grant for juvenile justice program

April 27, 1716
An expedition under the direction of Domingo Ramon
set out to reoccupy Texas on behalf of Spain.

International Internet Drug Ring Shattered

OSI Hosting.net: Deception in Texarkana

Funeral Fraud?

Harlingen city manager headed to Iraq

Illegal Border Crossings Stir Citizen Anger

Physician-owned hospital officials say referrals
no conflict of interest

Outline History of McAllen, Texas


History of Harlingen


Texas State Railroad State Park - History

The Texas State Railroad

Cuero Heritage Museum


Texan's Headline News:
April 26, 2005

Texas deserves better shield law

Texas Military Communities Brace For Base Closure Recommendations

Texas Pig Stands Inc. files for bankruptcy reorganization

School Finance Reform Plan to Be Discussed

More than 25,000 people turned out for the
annual San Jacinto Day Festival Saturday.

Man accused of scamming elderly father

Texas Instruments Highlights
Power-over-Ethernet and Wi-Fi Expertise

Caught in the act
(Antiquated, Constitutionally Repealed Laws Makes Criminals out of thin air)

DeKalb School District aims to save on energy costs

State leaders need to look at Tuition rates

Birders flock to Texoma

Tarrant/Denton boundary may have effect on tax agreements

Supply concern sends crude oil up 6%

Detective came to LC from the Emeral Isle

My Turn: Teacher retirement issues can be addressed

Festival participants learning about birds

Kilgore man pleads guilty to indecency with child

Man Killed Elderly, Left in Closets

Cuban-Americans in Valley remember long trek

Valley emergency teams prepare for bioterrorism

Sweat and tears
Workers say onion season has been good

Dietary Supplements and Health Freedom
by Ron Paul

Paul Introduces Legislation
to Repeal Section 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley

Serviní it up

Brownsville, Texas
On the border - By the Sea

History of Laredo, Texas

Dallas' Roots Have French Ties

Dallas History for Non-History Majors

Texas Culture
Western European Influence


La Reunion,Texas - a Ghost Town

Texas - a Catholic Tradition

Nacogdoches is the "Oldest Town in Texas"
Birthplace of the Texas Independence Movement 1812

History of Orange, Texas

Texan's Headline News:
April 25, 2005

Kidnapping suspects arrested in Austin, Texas

Cheney Meets With Saudi Prince in Texas

Alternative Texas school could serve as a model

Not much traffic from Arizona seen in Texas

Lawmakers target Internet 'hunting'
Website allows its customers to point, click, shoot

Tax relief not likely to benefit rent payers

Ex-employee urges inquiry into Texas Tech
Anesthesiologist claims cover-up

One in four city candidates has been charged with a crime

North Texas teen earns perfect scores on old and new SAT

Teachers Resign After Racy E-Mail Find

Parents jailed in paddling case

Former Texas deputy killed in Afghanistan

Official says money to go for public purposes

Not all animals at the fair are livestock

Rare white squirrel turns up in Texas City

Texas honors Midland educator who overcame language barrier

The pledge to the Texas Flag is:

Honor the Texas Flag
I pledge allegiance to thee
Texas, one, and indivisible

Strongest proof yet found for prion hypothesis

Irving doctor's license suspended after 2 patients die

Texas BBQ Festival

Energized, emergency pork

Bill to increase Medicaid funding may be illegal

The Civil War is coming to Conroe next week
with authentic Civil War music and live reenactments.

Computer hackers steal DSW credit card information

"United We Serve" Brings Smiles To East Texas Children

UTA acquires piece of Texas history

San Jacinto re-enacters ready to teach

Battle of San Jacinto decided fate of new nation

Couple's letters offer view of war and home

Women played key role in Texas history

April 25, 1875 - Sargent John Ward, a Black Seminole Scout,
saved Lieutenant John Bullis from Comanche attackers,
for which he was presented a Congressional Medal of Honor.




Texan's Headline News:
April 24, 2005

Speaker questions U.S. drug policies

Man Drowns After Jumping in Texas River

European brothel survivor flown to Texas for surgery

Medical response firm set to exit Texas

Texas fined for defying No Child Left Behind provision
Education Secretary Margaret Spellings has fined Texas about
444-thousand dollars for defying a provision of the
No Child Left Behind Law.

Screw the U.S. - Let's Take Texas Back

In Houston, a Bounty of African Art

Houston mayor taps air pollution task force

Houston and Hyderabad universities to promote cultural ties

Houston, we've a problem

Dylan will join Nelson at Fort Worth Stockyards

Breaking matzo together

Feds investigate deadly ore shipped to Dallas

Dallas Police May Want To Revisit Crown Vic
Dallas Not Buying Ford-Made Car After Officer's 2002 Death

Legal woes continue for Memphis contractor

Comics cram creativity into 24 hours

City of New Boston, Texas



History of Henderson County

April 24, 1819 - Naturalist Gustave Toudouze born in Novent, France.
He moved to Losoya, Texas, at the age of 34,
where he worked as a taxidermist and natural scientist.

Watchdog groups question lobbyists' use
of Capitol meeting room

City of Lubbock Recycling Less Convenient, More Effective

House Fire Leaves Lubbock Family Without A Home

Property tax measure again stalls in House

Midland Habitat for Humanity dedicates 54th house

Douglas Bruce Offers $1-Million Of His Own Money To Buy Building

Victims of former Philippine dictator seek El Paso ranch

'Mi Familia, Mi Futuro' Day April 30
Dodge City, Texas

Meals on Wheels, Friendship Meals in jeopardy
Officials seek to move programs to Dodge City Senior Center

Religious order of women convenes beginning Friday

Texan's Headline News:
April 23, 2005

April 23, 1936 Rock music singer and songwriter
Roy Orbison is born in Vernon, Texas

Southwest seeks to lift flight limits in Dallas

We get a firsthand view of what it was like

House Passes School Technology Bill

Covington County Escapees Suspected in Texas Murder

Nationwide Securities Scam Linked To East Texas Muder-Suicide

Militia leader starts 5-year sentence in Texas prison

Enron plays tale of corporate greed as Greek tragedy,

Even Texas doesn't like No Child Left Behind

Police Investigating San Marcos Drowning

Dutch Oven On The Way To Becoming Texas Symbol

Texas Police Arrest Ex-Con in 3 Slayings

Officer's Gun Falls From Pants,
Shoots Man In Other Bathroom Stall

Medicating Alliah

Franklin - The County Seat

Bell County was created from Milam County


Pasadena, The Early Years

History of Graham

Young County, Texas

Gonzales Decorative Flag 4 inch x 3 inch Scott Decorative Flag 4 inch x 3 inch The Green Flag Republic  4 inch x 3 inch
Historic Texas Miniature Flags

Texan's Headline News:
April 22, 2005

Groups Clash Over Texas Ban of Gay Foster Parents

147 Brazilians caught at Texas-Mexico border

Officially, 50-thousand Texas children
are the victims of abuse.

Senator aiming to nix federal weather forecasts
enjoyed AccuWeather money

On Earth as it is in Texas Bumper Sticker

Missing Kentucky teen found in Texas

Krispy Kreme to close Texas factory

US schools challenge Bush reforms

Texas continues to fight No Child Left Behind Act

Texas House To Take Second Shot At Tax-Relief Bill

Back to the bad old days, courtesy of Texas House

Is birth in Texas a risk?

Illinois AG sues Texas company

Getting the Facts Straight
The truth should be sought in newspaper articles

Guarding against Voter Registration Purges in Texas

Texans living in areas with electric deregulation
have faced steeper increases in their utility bills

Texan's Headline News:
April 21, 2005

Bumper Sticker Proudly Proclaims Your Texan Independent Character

In 1836, April 20th, an army of Texans led by Sam Houston
defeated the Mexicans at San Jacinto,
assuring Texas independence.

Plano families reject schools' censorship deal

E. Texas Judge Receives Sexual Death Threat

Trashing East Texas

Polk deputy charged with having sex with prisoners

Neighbors question safety of land in Buda

Illegal bandit signs being cleared

"Except Texas"
The Lee-Peacock Feud

Border tax proposals likely dead this year

A 'Yellow Rose' by another name

Planned dig will help historians better understand the battle

Mexican army's poorer weapons may have cost it Texas

The government is preparing for war.
The enemy is the United States,
which covets Venezuela's oil

Photo ID Movement as White Privilege

Civil Rights Analysis without Civil Rights Numbers

Progressive Politics and
the Mainstream Regular Joe

Texan's Headline News:
April 20, 2005

Secret FBI Report Highlights Domestic Terror

This has been the greatest political scandal of our time,
writes John Pilger

Texas: Planning for the future

Texas Bill Would Ban Gay Foster Parents

Texas taking its time with No Child

Radio Free Texas
Texas Music - Texas Talk
24 hours a day

Texas needs to safeguard press freedoms

WMD Plot Uncovered In East Texas

South Texas College of Law tops national poll

How to be a road hog in Texas

Bill to create crime lab board clears the Senate

Steroid tests sought in Texas high schools

Sleeping with the Enemy?
UTA defends giving a student accused of rape a job - on campus.

Broken Shield
Without protection from being forced to reveal sources,
journalists canít give voice to the voiceless.

Dial down corruption fears

Critics cast bill requiring voters' IDs in bad light

Light May Rapidly and Painlessly Kill Bacteria
That Cause Gum Disease

Texas Newest Souvenir and Information Shop

Texan's Headline News:
April 15, 2005

Does Texas Need another Gold Star for Bigotry?

Forty Faxes and a Whisper: Texas Election Scandal

Texas Businessman Indicted in Iraq Oil-for-Food Program

Texas officials await findings in death of Maine-born airman

Longview Christian school principal
testifies about his sexual abuse of girls

Texas judges should be paid more, chief justice says
(Perhaps they should choose another career like the rest of us!)

Bill would close door on official meetings
(Secret Government Plans Attack
on Texas Constitutional Rights)

Is Texas Gas Burning Austinites' Money?


Texas Bills Gone Wild!

Judge declines to drop Robertson County lawmen from rights suit

Vitamin C may be a life-saver

"To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit,
every problem looks like a nail."
- Abraham Maslow -

Capitol Hill Gestapo

High Schooler Says He Was Suspended For Wearing Makeup

Texas Senate approves life-without-parole option

Texas lawmaker seeks raising age of marriage consent

Former Principal Guilty Of Sexual Assault

Abortion bills debated in Texas House

Texas 9-1-1 operator is in trouble after
making a joke during one of his emergency calls

Texan's Headline News:
April 14, 2005

The Overlooked Catastrophe
Coming From the South:

Underwater Volcanoes Erupting Simultaneously All Over the World


Now Showing At Fort Worth's Omni Theater

The City of Lubbock, Texas endured an hour long,
relentless barrage of dozens of military aircraft engaged
in chemical spraying

Chemtrails - spraying in our sky

Clouds May Harbor Nanobacteria

Aerial Spraying Over US

DeLay mum on ethics

Consumers Not Told Of Security Breaches, Data Brokers Admit

A Texas legislator wants to crack down on multiple marriages
among a religious sect building a retreat in West Texas.

An ethics lapse for Texas House leader

Texas, top U.S. cattle-producing state,
to randomly test for tuberculosis

OSHA faulted BP for unrepaired Texas City chemical leak

Radioactive hotboxes removed from Texas high schools

Oil play: Surface versus mineral
Mineral owners call the shots

Students Find Inclusions in Shuttle Debris

Robot plane to 'airlift' cellphone signals

Government should stay out of this one
(We agree - Not a Government Duty)

George Bush, The CIA, Mind Control & Child Abuse

Texan's Headline News:
April 12-13, 2005

Texas Rep. Ron Paul Takes on the Bush Administration

Central America Pact Raises Fears

Mexico Verges on Revolution as
Brazilian Military Forces Prepare to Repel US

Why not turn vigilantes into real border agents?

As the REPUBLIC OF TEXAS has been saying since 1995
Oil Fields Are Refilling...
Naturally - Sometimes Rapidly
There Are More Oil Seeps Than All The Tankers On Earth

Bush Rebuffed in Venezuela (Again)
(Chavez Becoming Hero of South America)

Massive "End the Occupation" Protest in Baghdad
Dwarfs the "Saddam Toppled" rally

How Is the United States Being Destroyed?

Oil Industry Could Save Billions By Forecasting Seabed Changes

DARPA's 'Wasp' May Carry Powerful Sting

Clouds May Harbor Nanobacteria

Aerial Spraying Over US

India, China and Russia to create new alliance
to challenge USA's supremacy

Texas Seeks Economic Ties with Cuba

Texas oilman seeks gusher from God in Israel

No cushy duty for Texas reservists
Marines end up fighting their way across Iraq due to shortage of troops

Texas jobless rises

Texas Considers Putting RFID Tags in All Cars

U.S. trade deficit hits record $61 billion

Texas House to vote on same-sex ban

Texas Voters Want Later School Start Date

Lemon Law in Texas

Longview ISD lines up to support Merritt's oil field study

Advocacy group presses East Texas lawmaker to ban attack ads

Texas murder victim wrote
killers' licence plate number on back of hand

Company Owned by Banished Texas Surgeon
Pleads Guilty to Workers' Comp Scheme

Poll finds support for Ten Commandants
on Texas Capitol grounds

Texas Music History Unplugged

Organic milk demand outstrips supplies

Texas Templates of Imbalanced Power

One of the most enduring symbols of Texas is the longhorn cow

No reliable records on refinery accidents

Secret Archives of the Vatican

Three Books Revealing the Hidden Vatican Archives!

Long Live the Texas Republic

Don't Mess with Texas!

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