Do Security Companies Have Access to my Security Cameras?

Security cameras are very important for the surveillance of the area for business or home. Adding home security cameras are one of the best decisions one can ever make. Today, we have different types of cameras with different types of housing which makes buying a security camera much easier. The security companies that provides you with the security cameras can invade into your footage.

Yes or No? We will figure it out.

Well, there are some companies that do not have access to your camera footage and security. But if you pay extra charges for add-on feature to access the video monitoring, then only security companies can have access to your security cameras. Not all security companies offer this, so check to see if your security company does. While buying a security camera, One should always make sure to change the default username and password. By doing this, one can prevent themselves from hacking. As it is much easier to hack the security cameras and invade the privacy, one should always keep the pros and cons in mind. It’s unbelievable how many people including businesses, setup the security camera systems and don’t bother about changing the default username and password.

There are two types of security cameras which includes company monitoring and self-monitoring security cameras. While buying a company monitoring security camera, you do not have to worry about monitoring the system or contacting the authorities for every tits and bits of the security camera. The company monitoring will automatically set up all the alarms and alarm can itself scare the burglars. For company monitoring security cameras, one have to pay monitoring fees and sign a contract. If there’s a false alarm, you could be charged for that. To activate the alarm, one have to set it up before leaving the house otherwise it won’t be activated.

Self-monitoring security cameras are exactly what they sound like. You can have access to your security cameras on your smart phone. It requires no monthly monitoring fees for installing but they are quite expensive than company monitoring security cameras.  Self monitoring security cameras can have only access to the certain room or area. For having access to all the rooms, you need to have multiple cameras which can be more expensive than the company monitoring security cameras.

Hence, this is the only way how security companies can have access to your security cameras.