What Should You Look for in a Car Gun Safe?

Every gun owner is responsible for the safekeeping of his firearm, whether a handgun or a rifle or shotgun or AR-15. When it comes to car gun safes, which are meant to keep guns protected while in a vehicle, there are plenty of models, shapes and sizes to consider. There are many brands that offer these safes, and these are available in a wide range of budgets. Find out about the 3 things that you should look for in a car gun safe that you are planning to buy.


Without any doubt, this is the first thing to consider. You need a portable safe that can comfortably and safely be transported in a car. However, it should be spacious enough to contain your handgun. Most gun owners travelling with a car gun safe like to hide the safe under any of the front seats. Thus, you need to look at the length, width and also the height of your gun safe. Your choice of a gun safe, when it comes to size considerations, should be based on whether you are planning to travel with a full-sized handgun and some ammo or a larger gun.


Choose one that has a strong build. Although most manufacturers make use of steel for constructing the outer shell of the safe, you need to ensure that only superior materials are used in the construction of every component of the safe and not just the external shell. The thickness of the steel is also a point to consider. As far as the thickness is considered, the lower the gauge value of your gun safe steel, the thicker it is going to be.


Gun safes designed for cars are not too heavy or large, and can easily be lifted and removed from your car by any average burglar. The safe can be opened up in a remote area, and the gun can easily be accessed then. Thus, you always need to anchor your safe in the console or trunk of your vehicle. A few safe models have pre-drilled holes that can be used to anchor them to the car with the aid of screws. Most of these are offered with security cables that can be used to attach the safe to any of the seats of vehicles. When you wish to anchor your car safe, a very useful accessory can be an anchor sleeve. This accessory is produced by some car gun safe brands, which makes easier for customers to set up and secure them.

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