Incense Cones Handcrafted Recipe

Throughout history, burning of incense has been practiced in many religions and cultures in order to purify the air while conducting certain sacred ceremonies or rituals. Incense was and is used in different forms, including sticks and incense cones, to release smoke as well as fragrance into space.

The purpose is to light the incense using a flame and then fanning the flame out so that it smolders. This leaves the glowing ember behind that smokes gradually, releasing the soft fragrance.

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Incense Cones Handcrafted Recipe

Using 1 teaspoon as “a part” works well, and will yield about 3 dozen cones.
Mix the salt petre with a few tablespoons of warm water and mix well. Blend all of the other ingredients and add the water/saltpetre mixture. Mix well.
Continue adding plain water until a firm, pliable dough is formed. If it becomes too wet it will still be alright, but take longer to dry. Click here to read the full article..

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Incense is the original perfume and the life-breath of poets, dreamers and mystics around the world. Come “through smoke” to enjoy 100% natural, burnable versions of our most popular perfumes.  Cast the perfect mood or perfume yourself with a smoke bath.  Primitive – and sensual.  Read the full article here…

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