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Best oil filters for cars?

The engine is undoubtedly the most important part of any car, whose lifespan and performance depends very highly upon it. But due to changing climatic and road conditions, car engines get exposed increasingly to bad weather conditions, thereby placing their performance at risk.

Presence of computers has made it possible for engines to run more efficiently than before. Sports cars are able to reach to about 40 miles with each gallon, family vehicles to around 50-70 miles/gallon and trucks to about 30 miles/ gallon, without experiencing any serious issues. But to ensure that the vehicle runs smoothly on the roads, it is necessary to use superior quality oil, which can withstand very high temperature along with a well suited oil filter. The latter will ensure that the oil is kept clean from abrasive particles.

Top oil filters for cars

  • Mann Filter HU-816X Metal free oil filter:
    • This oil filter can help remove efficiently dust, water and other unwanted elements from the car’s engine oil. It is compatible with BMW-7 series 730i, 740i, Z4 S-Drive 35i.
    • Fast replacement
    • Optimal engine protection
    • High separation efficiency
  • Bosch-3323 Premium Filtech filter:
    • This popular German brand offers perfect combination of affordable price, durable performance and high efficiency.
    • Prevents leakage & fit
    • Anti-drain technology
    • Safeguards against all microscopic contaminants
    • Affordable price
  • Mobil-1 M1 110 Extended oil filter:
    • Has capacity of about 28 gms and can hold double of the contaminants. It can eliminate effectively 99.6% of contaminants present in oil to help improve car engine performance.
    • Prevents dry starts
    • Can withstand high pressure
    • Efficient and accurate
    • Offers long life performance
    • Large capacity
  • Motorcraft FL 910-S Engine Oil Filter:
    • It has been designed to meet the high standards set by Ford Motor Corp. it is also recommended by Ford to be used as original replacement filter for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury cars.
    • Silicone ant drain back valves
    • Pressure relief valves
    • Efficient filter media
    • Steel outer casings
  • ACDelco – PF2232 Pro Engine Oil Filter:
    • This is among the most commonly used car oil filter these days. It comes with excellent filtering capability and block contaminants at 25-30 microns having 98% multi pass filtering efficiency.
    • Strong burst strength
    • Consistent and dependable filtration
    • Traps small particles efficiently
    • Perfect filtering ability
    • Affordably priced

The above are the top oil filters that you can consider using for your car.