Areas of Law in Austin, Texas

Law can best be defined as a set of rules made by the sovereign government of a nation or a country, in order to correct the wrongs done in the society and to provide justice to the people living in a certain community. Laws and regulations are necessary in order to guide people about the wrong and right, as well as to provide peace, protection and security to the society. The individuals who are allowed to interpret these complex laws and regulations in order to help people are called attorneys. Individuals trained to work in the US criminal justice system who specialize in the defense of individuals charged with criminal activity are called criminal justice attorneys. The importance of laws and lawyers to the society cannot be denied. No matter what kind of legal issue you might have, a qualified and experienced attorney will be to protect your interest in the court of law.

The Law Department of Austin has only one goal, and that is to provide quality legal protection and services to the citizens of Austin. The only way to govern a city lawfully is to divide town laws into different legal areas. All the mentioned different areas of the law are created in a way to effectively serve its community. All law firms in the city are committed to providing high-quality and cost-effective legal advice and services to clients. Every law firm in Austin has a team of talented professionals that specialize in a particular area of law. Some of the most important areas of law in Austin are family law, civil litigation, criminal law and healthcare law.

Family Law

Family issues such as divorce, child custody, adoption, paternity, grandparent access, name change and similar are regulated by family law. These family issues are often very stressful and emotional for both parties, and most individuals cannot handle the legal part of the process on their own. In case you have to deal with family violence, enforcement, alimony issues or child custody issues, you should hire a local family lawyer to assist you.

Civil Litigation

Civil law refers to regulation of legal disputes between two or more parties. Civil cases cannot be regulated by criminal sanctions, but only with financial compensation or some kind of specific performance. A lawyer who specializes in civil litigation is called civil litigation lawyer, a trial lawyer or a litigator. In case you need representation in trials, or if you need arbitrations and mediations before administrative agencies and local or state courts, a litigator can assist you. Civil litigation includes different areas of civil law; however, most common types of civil litigation include intellectual property, labor and employment issues, antitrust, environmental law, products liability issues and similar.

Criminal Law

Criminal law is created as a system of law concerned with the punishment criminals. Criminal defense lawyers in Austin defend their clients who have been arrested or accused of a certain crime. If an individual is under investigation, it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. This area of law includes driving under influence, jail releases, assault, juvenile defense, felonies and misdemeanors, and similar.